Dr. Johnson is pleased to announce that he is now offering the LANAP® LAR® (Laser-assisted regeneration) laser procedures to treat periodontitis, as well as LAPIP™ to treat peri-implantitis using the MVP-7 Periolase laser.

As a LANAP® and LAPIP™ trained and certified periodontist, he uses the Periolase laser, (the first FDA approved laser), a cutting-edge technology designed to stop and reverse advanced periodontitis and stimulate true regeneration around teeth, and save ailing and failing implants, with tissue-sparing, non-destructive treatment for these periodontal and peri-implant conditions. Many times this is a quicker, more effective, and less painful alternative to conventional periodontal surgery where cutting and sutures are necessary.

If you’ve been needing treatment for periodontal and/or peri-implant disease, please ask Dr. Johnson if you are a potential candidate for this type of treatment and if it may be right for you. Being treated for periodontitis and peri-implantitis has never been easier.